What is corporate 12 month puppy caring?


Corporate 12 month puppy carer program

Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs greatly appreciates organisations that support us through their corporate social responsibility programs. Our ‘corporate 12 month Puppy Carer program’ not only fits well into these programs, but has the added benefits of enhancing staff well-being and morale.

Interested? We are making it easier than ever for employees to become 12 month puppy carers and to care for a puppy in the workplace. We offer individual carer programs, assist with puppy caring workplace policies and assessments, and provide detailed information for building management upon request.

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(Please note a minimum of 10 people confirmed are required for the event to be held).

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Corporate carer testimonial

Organisation name: Plenary Group

Redmond a yellow labrador at Plenary“You don’t generally see an adorable Labrador puppy on the 43rd floor of an office building in the city. Now it’s just expected that a pup will be here.”

“In a busy corporate environment, it is often quite stressful and not unusual for someone to come and request some ‘puppy time’ when he (Seeing Eye Dogs puppy, Jerry) is not wearing his jacket. “

Plenary staff with seeing eye dogs puppy in training Jerry.

Corporate caring pack

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